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All great businesses are born out of the pain felt by the promoter. Like all classic entrepreneurial story, this was also started as addressing the gap.

Aravindan saw that many of his friends follow a variety of diets for their obesity related issues. But their problem is not just following the diet, but getting the necessary healthy supplements required to maintain the diet. The existing stores never cared about them. The stores where it was available was far away. The online stores sold them, but with exorbitant prices. That was the start of the idea.

Aravindan helped his close friends thru’ his connects first, and started supplying the necessary supplements via requests from Facebook and Whatsapp. Friends referred their friends. They referred their circle. What started as a small friendly help, turned into a trusted network of friends, who in turn turned into loyal customers. Thus born the idea of running the online store. Today, the store serves not only diet-conscious customers but becoming an one stop location for natural, organic and non-chemical products for healthy living.

Health First Food (HFF)  is an online store focuses only on delivering people a healthy life style with carefully chosen products. A store where a transaction is more than just a financial means, but giving lifelong bonding. A digital destination which brings back the natural, organic and healthy food choices, people missed out in their fast paced lifestyle. HFF builds on these principles of giving busy customers a single location to order all their diet foods, natural alternatives and organic products delivered at their door step.

Aravindan is an engineer by profession, started his career with Sony Broadcast supplying for the burgeoning scene of satellite televisions in late 90s in India. Later on he went on to work at mid and senior roles at ITC IT Division, Orangescape, Concentrix and similar MNCs before moving full time taking the entrepreneurial journey. After working as a professional for 25 years, Aravindan started HFF in 2016. In 3 short years, HFF has built a serious clientele across Chennai and Bangalore, having served more than 10,000+ happy customers.   

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I ordered Almonds from Aravindan, for the price he quoted, I had my doubts, but quality of almonds was excellent and delivery was prompt. Aravindan has secured a permanent customer.
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